Sovran Fungicide (kresoxim-methyl)

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Sovran Fungicide (kresoxim-methyl), EPA# 7969-154, READ THE LABEL

Sovran provides very effective control of powdery mildew and black rot, with some activity against downy mildew, phomopsis, and anthracnose,with a high risk of disease resistance development.  Apply Sovran at 3.2 to 4.8 fluid ounces per acre per application for control of powdery mildew, black rot, and phomopsis, and 4 to 6.4 fluid ounces per acre per application for downy mildew control.  Sovran is a strobilurin fungicide, and powdery mildew and downy mildew resistance to the strobilurinsis known to occur widely in the Eastern United States.  A maximum of 3 or 4 applications per season are permitted, consult the label for details. Do not use more than 2 sequential applications.  It is highly recommended to limit applications of strobilurin fungicides to a maximum of 2 per season, rotate them with other unrelated fungicides, and tank mix with sulfur onnon-sulfur-sensitive varieties.  12 hour reentry interval, 14 days to harvest.

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