Price Group B

1 - 24 total vines $8.25/vine
25 - 49 total vines $7.50/vine
1-X Grade, 50+ total vines $2.35/vine
1-1 Grade, 50+ total vines $2.10/vine


Delaware is an early-ripening red variety with small berries and clusters, and mild flavor. This slip-skin variety has tender skin and juicy sweet flesh. Of the labrusca types, it has the best fruity notes, and the least labrusca character. Requires a deep, fertile, well drained soil for satisfactory vine growth; on such sites its yield may be as high as those of Concord. Delaware grapes are used to make wines including dry, sweet, and ice wine, but is famed for its spicy sparkling wines.

General Information:

Color: Red
Primary Use: Juice,Jelly,Wine
USDA Winter Hardiness: 4
Harvest Season: Mid Season
Growth Habit: Trailing
Vigor: Low Vigor
Sugg. Distance Between Vines: 6 ft.
Bud Break: a few (2-3) days earlier that Concord
Bloom Date: mid-season with Concord
Sulfur Injury: None Observed

Disease Susceptibility:

Black Rot: moderately susceptible or sensitive
Downy Mildew: moderately susceptible or sensitive
Powdery Mildew: highly susceptible or sensitive
Botrytis: moderately susceptible or sensitive
Sulfur Sensitivity: NO

Recommended Training System:

Top Wire Cordon